Why Does House Always Borrow Money? An Expert's Perspective

It is no secret that homeowners' indebtedness is heavily influenced by a combination of effects on wealth and the guarantee channel. But, separating the two mechanisms can be difficult, as each has different implications for how changes in house prices will affect the economy. Gregory House, the abrasive genius from the medical drama series House M. D., is a complex character who is often a thorny and sarcastic presence, but also has the capacity for genuine compassion towards his friends and certain patients.

However, his complexity can sometimes be counterproductive, as evidenced by his involvement in activities such as cheerleading that involve teamwork, performance, and joy. The show House M. D. is known for its accuracy when it comes to medication, even when the illness of the week is something rare or extravagant. However, there are times when House and his team make mistakes, such as in the episode Out of the Chute, where House incorrectly deduces that a bull rider in a rodeo has had an aortic aneurysm.

This medical error could have made the patient much worse or even cost him his life. Another strange thing about House is that he uses his cane on the wrong side of his body - despite being wounded on his right side, he continues to support the cane on the same side as his bad leg. This goes unmentioned for several seasons until House's attention is caught - and yet he still chooses to keep the cane on the wrong side. House also frequently breaks into his patients' homes in order to gather evidence and clues - and has his team do it too - without ever getting caught or receiving more than a slap on the wrist or a severe brow lift.

This begs the question: why not just ask for input from the people you're treating? House's only true friend throughout the show is James Wilson, who is always there to lend him a hand or bring him back from the wells of his own mind. However, considering how often House has lied, manipulated and even harmed poor Wilson, it is surprising that he has managed to retain his best friend all these years. The main presumption of House's character is that he is a misanthropic genius who fights physical pain on a daily basis, as well as the emotional healing of the event that caused it. To take some pressure off this leg, he walks with a cane - but it is strange that he does not use a medical-grade cane that would be more comfortable to use.

As the seasons progress, House often finds increasingly drastic ways to try to relieve his pain - some of which work; at least, as temporary measures. The problem is that every time House's pain goes away, his temper decreases; this is not just due to the medicine he takes, since it has the same effect on different types of medications. He was portrayed as a genius before pain, so why is he suddenly a worse doctor when his pain goes away? During his childhood, he was uprooted and moved - could this be related to why House always borrows money?.

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